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I have always been a big dreamer. As a child, I would sit and dream big things for hours together. Most of those hours, I used to hold a book in front of me so that people will think that I’m studying. But my mother was smart. She always found out but I tried to reason ‘most geniuses were high school drop-outs’. I didn’t have a statistic but I knew that many were.
I was called a day dreamer. They said that day dreams never came true (not that night dreams do either). As in any household from a developing community, I had pressures too, pressures of coming first, of winning and of doing better than the child next door. I took it all lightly so I gave in to what the community expected of me and became an engineer.
I don’t put education down, it’s during my engineering college days that I changed a lot positively and it’s only because I had this 2 letter degree that I’m married to this man whom I love. Seriously, we give lots of value to education even when it comes to arranged marriage.
I worked and managed to earn for a decent living in bangalore but my dream was different. I wasn’t so clear about what I wanted but I was so sure that I wasn’t doing what I wanted. I didn’t want to work hard and be a mediocre engineer while I can dream hard and become a genius in something I like. That kept bothering me day and night.
It was not until many years from then, that I realised that dreams do come true, but we need to make it solid. It’s important to set a date to the dream, this makes it a goal. And it’s even more important to write it down. It’s okay to have too many dreams like I used to have but writing them down helped me to prioritize them, and tackle them one at a time.
I don’t understand why dreams are so underrated in many communities. Shouldn’t children be taught to dream the right way to make sure that they don’t end up doing the wrong thing in their future?
One might argue that mere dreaming with no action is not going to work. But when the dream is strong, and when there is a burning desire to be, then action is inspired and inspired action is not work. It’ll give as much pleasure as doing a hobby only with greater results.
Here’s something I heard about dreams:
‘Dogs don’t do tricks so that they save up for their puppy’s education in the future. Only we, humans can dream. And if only we have the ability to dream then DREAM WE MUST!’

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  1. OMG! you’re an engineer?! I thought you must be a commercial artist or in some such related field. Your paintings are mind-blowing! My drawing isn’t half as good as yours and my mom wanted me to join the JJ School of Arts.
    I hope you get into the field that you are passionate about. ‘Discovering our passion’ has been a hot topic at my house since we watched ‘3 Idiots’ 🙂

    1. I used to be an engineer, Priyanka. Not anymore. I’m of course doing everything I’m passionate about, one at a time.
      Thanks for the comment on my paintings. Glad that you liked them.

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