April 11, 2013 Sugirdha 0Comment

Here are a few thoughts from the ‘almost’ 5 years old kid.

If God made the earth and everything in it, why did God make germs and bacteria too?

(..when he was asked to wash hand after the playground trip.)

Friends should be friends FOREVER right?

Looks like some of his kinder friends are alternating between “I want to be friends with you” and “I don’t want to be friends with you”. This stresses him a lot. Why don’t they understand that friends have to be “forever”?

(Did I mention that the very speaker uses the same words too and that he won’t remember the wise words he so passionately preached? No? Good then let’s just not talk about that!)

Oh I love the swing in my room and my books and activities so much. I love them much more than watching TV or playing phone games. In fact, I’ll never watch TV. NEVER!

(Later, 2 minutes after writing this new resolution in his favorite things activity page)

Amma, don’t you think I should watch a couple of short videos? Or may be 4?

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