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Recently I have been wondering how people lived in the past without internet. But sometimes, I am forced to think that things would have been much easier back then. Why do we have to go through all of these complicated things now?

My website and blog faced a minor crash last night, I mean, my host is dead. I still haven’t received any response from my host yet, but I realise that I cannot wait forever with my dead site. And I decided to make a switch and am in the process of moving my internet home to a new host. Now that the decision is made, came the issue of backups. I do not take regular backups of my site. Luckily, the last one made was 15 days back, which was when I changed domain names. The past 15 days was also when there was maximum momentum in my blog. 

I spent the whole day hunting for cached pages to find the rest of the posts and comments. Most of the posts have been retrieved and the comments, hmm, are gone. I feel as if I have suddenly lost fond memories of having guests in my home! Anyway, I’m sure I will get more in the next few days…

A couple of posts couldn’t be retrieved. But they are as good as prints in my memory, so soon I will recreate them. I hope you feel as good as at home in this temporary blog of mine!

Edit(May 31, 2009): ALl posts have either been restored or recreated. I have lost the comments but I’m still waiting for my old host’s reply. I believe that I will get the backup of my old blog.

2 thoughts on “Fun with internet!

  1. I am happy that you had backup and could swiftly create this one with ALL the posts!

    I miss your old blog’s template 🙂 Hope you get that back.

    Yeah da. I’m trying to recreate the template also. But nothing will match that it seems!!!

  2. I dont know what peopple did before the internet. From travel plans to medical rx to maps to online support groups. I would be so freaking lost..:)

    Glad all your pages are back up.

    You bet we all would be lost!

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