September 7, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

……after finding my sanity back, after the end of any PPD I never knew I had and after spending months of just changing nappies, bathing infants (is it just one?), forcing medicine down throats, doing poop-y laundry, humming lullabies until my throat breaks and walking around the house with a 6 kg infant cradled in my arms until my own strength fails me.
And not to mention the regular household stuff, which I had been quite irregular about. I have started doing things religiously so Kay will grow up and tell his friends at preschool that his mom is a super woman. No, kidding- a bit. But its almost true. I’m doing this for his sake.
This weekend was work weekend. All weekends are… I wake up in the morning to work all day and have nothing less than a headache and backache. I do this so on weekdays, I can have something less of the above mentioned sicknesses. Last night hubby made me dinner as a prize for all my hard work. Oh, I would work so hard everyday for this… He replied promptly: ‘if you work so hard everyday, I’ll make you dinner every night’. I didn’t miss my chance. ‘I do work hard everyday. May be just not this hard!’
Now we are all set and waiting for the delivery guy to bring what we shopped last night. My favourite muesli pack (seriously I am in death bed this past 3 weeks when this box was out of stock), my new (one more) vegetable box and my new coffee mug (we didn’t buy that for hubby to take to his office, did we?). Really I have fallen in love with this mug. It’s like paradise, for 8 bucks. In fact I fell in love after learning that it’s price was 48 bucks. Well, there was some kind of billing issue and the cashier scanned the item for 48 bucks. But the the display said it was 8 bucks. Later she clarified and billed it for 8. I still don’t know what had happened. The mug looks worth of 48 bucks, now that I think of it. And who wouldn’t want a 50 dollar coffee mug for just 8?

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