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When I was pregnant, we decided to deliver in Singapore. And every body we know was shocked. Most people in our community who live abroad, go back to India, to mother’s house to deliver and sometimes even stay there for an year.

Oh yeah, being with mom before and after delivery is fantastic but what about poor Hubby? I couldn’t afford that to happen. So against the will of family, extended family and the ‘well-meant’ warnings of ‘distant relatives’, I gave birth to my son in Singapore.

When my son was born, my parents stayed for 3 months and after that Hubby and I are on our own.

People always ask me how I manage the baby and family and business. Here are some of the conversations I had with them.


2 months:-

She: How do you manage? Is it being trouble to look after everything by yourself?

Me: Oh no. Life is great. My son is a bliss. He is a happy child. I’m having fun.

She: Ok… Does he sleep during the day?

Me: Not much. He sleeps through the night and plays all day… So I’m fine.

She: Poor you. It’s difficult if he is awake all day.

Me: It’s not, really. I’m having fun.

She: Wait for another 4  months. When he startas to crawl, you will understand.


6 months:-

She: How do you manage?

Me: I’m having fun.

She: Is it difficult?

Me: It’s not easy. But it’s not difficult either.

She: Wait for few more months. When he walks, you will understand.


1 year:-

She: How do you manage?

Me: Having fun.

She: Do you take him out? Isn’t he trouble?

Me: No he’s not.

She: Doesn’t he run when you are outside.

Me: Yeah he runs. And then I laugh and play together with him.


Now my child is walking, and running, and doing everything they had warned me about. Really, I don’t say that its easy bringing up a child. I just say that it’s manageable. But all they seem to expect is ‘Oh it’s very difficult bringing up the baby. Poor me. I need some serious help!!!’. But why?

Now a days I just laugh to such comments. I cannot convince them that I am really having fun. I don’t know about others, but I seriously think what you do and feel is completely in your belief. If you think, it’s difficult, it is.

I never enjoyed sports but now I do, for that is exactly what my son wants to do. I believe that either I run along with him or I complain to people that he is being too active and that breaks my back. But thank you very much, I prefer the former.

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  1. Have had the one,
    Wait till you have your 2nd child and see how busy you get?

    Why do people do that? Why cant they understand we have superpowers. ROFL

    The_Inspired: May be it’s just a basic human charateristic, being a “know-it-all”. The second child one is the latest ha ha. But most people ask me if I am ever planning a second one. I tell them that there are more to come.

  2. This is very refreshing. I have so many friends who complains so much that it seems like such a daunting task. It is nice to see a different view point

    : And this little different in outlook goes a long way. It ends up in changing the way big things happen.

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