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Are you planning a kids party?

Are you short of budget or schedule or both?

Is your kiddo crazy about the magic mouse?

Party Intro

You’re at the right place. I once helped a friend put together a Mickey Mouse party in about 3 days. It was decided at the last minute and so we had to rush and settle for ideas that we could wrap up within the given time. Nonetheless, the party turned out a huge hit and I’m happy to share our quick, simple and easy-to-do ideas here.

You’ll need:

  • Plenty of construction paper (red, yellow and black)
  • Scissors
  • Couple of helping hands willing to cut out lots and lots of shapes
  • A printer (optional, but extremely useful)
  • Balloons (yellow, red and black)
  • Red/yellow party hats (Optional. Make your own party hats instead)
  • Card Stock (optional)

Mickey Mouse Cheatsheet

Note: The 3 children clipart in this infographic were Designed by Freepik. Pluto was downloaded from DisneyClips

helpful tips

  • I’m not going into a detailed step-by-step here because most of the things are easily done using paper and scissors.
  • The Mickey shape in this infographic was created using 3 circles. You may download it from the internet or make your own circles. Create templates in different sizes and then use the same for all other items.

The games

Pin the Tail on Pluto

This is the classic pin the tail game, on pluto. Download and print out a large picture of pluto (or draw your own). Cut out the background including the tail. Make a tail using paper or felt. I used a magnetic board for the game and stuck a magnet to the felt tail for our group of young kids.

Donald, Donald, Goofy!

You guessed it! It is a silly version of our favourite “duck, duck, goose”.

Prof Ludwig’s IQ test

This is a simple quiz to keep the kids entertained in between games and to give out little goodies. The questions were as simple as “How many buttons are there in mickey’s pants” or “Who is the guy jealous of Mickey”.

Goofy memory Cards

These are your regular snap/memory cards. (Check out the end of this post to download)

Clarabelle’s ‘Moo’sical Chairs

A game of musical chairs is never out of date.


Here are 2 resources for Mickey Mouse party food ideas:

Need more ideas?

Have more time to spare? Then take a look at these awesome ideas around the web..

And FREE PHOTO PROPS Mickey Mouse printable & templates from Cake Crusaders Blog

Your turn!

What do you think about these ideas? Have you done any of them yourself? Let me know by commenting below!

Free Download:

Click to Download “Goofy” Memory Cards || A4 Size || Letter Size

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