May 15, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

I was cleaning up the kitchen while I turned to see this:



Yeah, I did allow him to do it long enough so that I can take a couple of photos and videos for his dad and grand parents.
I don’t understand what’s the point in stopping him when the floor and the baby were already dirty, the cereals wasted and… hmm… 8 kilos of cuteness is sitting there and throwing spoonfuls and handfuls of cereal from the bottle on the floor. It was too cute to stop. I let him play for some time and resisted the urge to join him. I was also expecting that he would put some of it in his mouth, but unfortunately that was not what he was doing!


What makes me laugh is that, for all the fuss I was making, he just looked at me in a matter-of-factly manner before he was fully absorbed in his undoubtedly serious chore!

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