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Last night we came back home to face some great adventure. You can call it a nightmare, it’s purely a matter of choice. Actually, I feel eligible to write a book now, about ‘what to do when your house is in flood’.

Yes, that’s what we did last night. Oh wait, but a flood in singapore? In a high rise building? It wasn’t even in the news? It could not have been. Here goes the story.

I rushed out of the house last evening in a hurry carrying my son and a huge bag (which I always do) because I was getting late for a business conference which was across the city. I briefly stopped before leaving to check the gas stove if it’s off because leaving the gas stove on while going out is my worst nightmare that had been cooking up in my mind among all other ‘what if’s.

When we returned back after midnight, all we wanted to do was sleep. As we approached the door, we noticed water seeping out of our front door. Actually it was quite a lot of water. I let out a curse word, and another and another. I haven’t used curse words in the past 3-4 years. Then I immediately set to action. One of my ‘what if’s kept flashing in my mind. What if I leave the tap open?

Leaving the tap open is common but what if I leave it open when the drain is blocked? The drain was blocked 2 days back but we didn’t have proper equipment so we put the work off for the weekend.

I opened the door to find more than an inch of water everywhere. Luckily there wasn’t much stuff lying on the floor except for my electronic weighing scale and the internet modem. And it was pretty evident that so much more water had drained well out of the door. Hubby and I started working before we knew what we were doing. Our 2 yr old son refused to get down on the floor and spent some time in his high chair watching all the action. Later we sent him to bed when we realised that we’d have situation under control soon. Two hours and exchange of some hot and angry words later, Hubby and I had drained most water out and went to bed with a thin sheet of water in the living room but all of the 3 bed rooms were clean.

We woke up in the morning to see all of the water having magically disappeared. I would have thought it was all a dream except for the super clean house and the cleaning stuff lying here and there.

Later in the morning I was singing son’s brushing song while attempting to brush his teeth. Hubby stood in front of me and laughed.

What did YOU do?

And I realized that he mentioned what I was singing. It goes like this:

And while I’m brushing my teeth and having so much fun,
I never let the water run!
I never let the water run!

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