September 17, 2009 Sugirdha 2Comment

… about the d**n great award. This morning when I was busy consumed with myself cleaning up the kitchen, Pappu came in front of me and said ‘bubba’. I was surprised because I had just changed his diaper.

“What is it, baby? Is that your diaper?”

“Bubba Bubba”

“What else is it?”

He touched his tummy and repeated ‘bubba’.

“Are you hungry?”

“…..”. He looked satisfied. (Yes, dear internet, you can bring that knife and stab me. What kind of mother waits for her 16 month old to ‘ask’ before feeding or changing him?)

I quickly fixed up some bread and he sat happily in his high chair to eat. Awwwwww. My son’s growing up.

2 thoughts on “In which I totally lose hope…

  1. At least you were doing some house chores when paappu asked you for food, than watching TV or browsing.

    The_Inspired: That’s true. But what’s surprising is, it happened to a person like me, who never put household chores in front of anything, browsing or caring for baby. LOL.

  2. wishes for your son! how old is he? it is interesting to note how they grow up… ours is just a month now… 🙂

    The_Inspired: Thanks, Rocksea. He is 16 months old.

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