April 2, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

After about 2 weeks of living without internet (even though hubby was convinced that I could bring my laptop, and the baby, and the baby-related luggages to McDonald’s and browse the free internet during this time, I found it extremely un-do-able), I am spending another week or two without wireless internet. I wonder how people in the past lived with out wireless internet. Our grand parents? Our parents? Ourselves?

I still remember the days when my dad was working in the middle east and the only way of communication used to be an occasional mail which arrives 2 months after it was sent. Not always, but during a certain period it was like that.

When things got better, my dad could make a trunk call to us (A trunk call?). But we didn’t have a phone in our home. We used to go wait in a house in our neighbouhood, where they had a phone. After hours of waiting, we would get a call, but there would be some problem in the line and we could hardly hear one word from our dad.

And then TV was not in every household. And color TV was luxury. Even after we had color TV, I remember watching only black and white pictures in it.

And here I am, whining that I do not have a wireless internet, which makes life difficult. The baby has suddenly developed a fierce passion for my laptop that he wants to sit right on top of the keyboard to meddle with the computer. Nothing stops him when the computer is in vicinity. He has even started climbing furnitures where the laptop is placed. When I get internet again, I would put my laptop on some high table, and leave no smaller furniture nearby, that he can climb.

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