April 28, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

Recently I have been letting the baby play on his own for small amounts of time while I sit at the computer eating bonbons. He has been after the cordless phone for a long time and today I handed it to him to see what he was doing. He didn’t mouth it which made me content enough to let him play while I minded my business. After sometime my mobile was ringing and when I retrieved my phone from it’s den, I found that the call was from my own home phone number. The above said boy had accessed the phonebook by chance! I wonder whom else he called before this!


I found that even after I took away the phone from him, he was happily playing with something or other in my completely babyproof home so I got back to the computer. Shortly after that I heard sound of water splashing. I was completely absorbed in my work so I reluctantly turned to see what the baby was upto. And I found a diaperless** baby covered in a rather large pool of urine and he was waving both his hands in that pool as if he was swimming. No to mention that he was covered in urine from top to toe. Thank goodness that it was his bath time and his bath was already filled with water.

**The baby goes diaperless for 2 hours everyday to keep away any rashes.

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