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It’s been half a year since I started teaching. The tables are set and all the basic art supplies are in my cart within hand’s reach. Only the kids need to be in and I would be starting the lesson I had been planning. Teaching art to small group of kids is fun. I could keep each one of them in mind when I plan the lesson and I could almost anticipate the reactions of each of them when I start the lesson.

Often we start by reading a book and almost always the lesson is something related to the book. We get our markers and papers out and I start the instructions.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of directed drawing lessons. But recently I have learnt the fun and importance of the method. Once I’m done with the demonstration, I let the kids start. They plunge into action immediately and before long (may be at the end of another lesson) I have beautifully rendered artwork in front of me. Be it line drawing, literature based or a painted paper project, the results are as varied as my small group can get. I love the variety and creativity with which the kids create their work.

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And that’s not all. It’s such an amazing feeling when I meet my students outside of the classroom. They love the class so much they can’t wait to come back. I’ve also been told of positive changes in the kids by the parents and I can’t wait to have them back in the class either.

And how else can I justify the way my own art has changed positively since I started teaching young kids? It’s fun to be a teacher and I should say its given meaning to life in more ways than one.

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