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When I was pregnant I started listening to lullabies. It came in handy after child was born and at one point music meant lullaby. I didn’t remember any other kind of music. Even when the baby was asleep or even when he was not even around, I caught myself humming lullabies. Here’s an introduction I wrote about myself about an year back.

I’m young. I’m busy. I do poopy laundry, change diapers, bath infants (is it just one?), force medicine down throats and sing Lullabies until my throat breaks. When I’m not doing any of these? I write about it all in my blog.

(Unrelated: An year back I considered myself a ‘mommy blogger’?!?!?)

Towards the end of first year, Pappu started responding to rhymes and our interest changed. I made myself very skillful at singing rhymes and reciting poems in a funny enough tone which keeps the excitement level up.

Last night when my regular bedtime routine failed to induce sleep in a toddler, I remembered that I hadn’t been singing lullabies for so long. And I decided to try it. As soon as I started, my son stopped jumping on the bed, laid down next to me and kept calm. After what seems like a dozen songs (actually it was just one and a half songs, but the fact that I was so sleepy and that hubby was snoring next to me made it look like it was dozen or more), I confirmed that the boy was sleeping and just when I was about to sleep, he laughed, clapped and appreciated my singing and then he even tried to imitate the song.

SIGH!! Lullabies really don’t have the magical charisma of inducing sleep like they used to have, do they?

4 thoughts on “[19] Lullaby, and good night

  1. rofl.. Ask him to sing and put you to sleep!

    The_Inspired: That’s funny. He’ll sure do that. And then he’ll climb out of the bed and do things that I don’t want him to do!

  2. I had a friend who used to sing Hindi film songs to her kid as lullabies.

    Jokes apart, but as a kid I always wondered about the sleep inducing property of the lullabies, perhaps that was one thing that kept me awake. Perhaps that also kept him awake. 🙂

    : That’s so true. But when my son was a couple of months old, I used to sing too much lullabies and I have fallen asleep myself in response. Don’t ask me how it is possible. It’s just the soothing music that induces sleep.

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