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While searching for a safer slime recipe that’s easy on little kids’ skin, we’ve tried a lot of different slime recipes and this contact lens solution slime is our new favourite.

Contact lens solution is stretchy and non sticky but doesn’t include any laundry component. It works as well as the liquid starch recipe. I stumbled across this method a while ago and was excited to try it.


I spent quite a bit of money buying the new ingredient (listed below) but I got plenty in stock and after many failed attempts, found that I need only a few squirts of the product per batch of slime.*

   * I only create a small batch of slime at a time. I find it unnecessary to waste a lot of glue making jumbo batches of slime when you won’t be spending much time with it later on. Smaller batches however, can be carried around while doing other things and it is one of my favourite stress busters. I also love to play with a ball of slime while watching TV. (Just make sure you have a non stick protective cover on your lap)

What it takes

Preparation: nil

Making: 5 minutes

Set up: none

Play time: over 30 minutes

Clean up: none (this slime is self cleaning)

What you’ll need

Half bottle glue (that’s 50-60 ml based on a 120 ml bottle)

Baking soda (1/4 tsp)

Contact lens solution

Food colouring (optional)

How to make contact lens solution slime

Here’s the video recipe for you


Mix glue, baking soda and food colour

  • You can use any non toxic kids/school glue. I’ve tried white school glue, craft glue, all purpose glue and clear glue and they all worked equally well. If you find glue is the problem, try changing the brand and not the type.
  • Mix the baking soda well and make sure it is not clumped up. Alternatively, you can add baking soda to a teaspoon of hot water and use it once cool. I’m just too lazy to go through this extra step and I don’t mind breaking a few lumps.
Add contact lens solution

Add a small squirt of solution at a time and mix it. You should see a change almost immediately and the slime will start forming. Continue adding the solution in little amounts at a time and stir until it pulls off the bowl clean.

  • Be sure to add saline solution in tiny amounts, maybe just a couple of drops at a time after the first 1-2 squirts
  • Too much saline will make your slime too hard that is not fun to play
Knead the slime with your fingers

When you can’t stir anymore with the stirrer, start kneading it with our fingers. It is still sticky at this stage but continue adding a drop of solution at a time and fold it in. Soon, you should have your oozy contact lens solution slime that is not sticky.

Play, squish and stretch

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