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Dear self,

Yesterday I understood how it feels to be a badly behaved mother. Yeah, it was absolutely and truly myself when I was forcefully carrying a wailing and crying 2 year old as I was walking inside the food court and I had a gait that would suggest “I don’t care how much you scream, I’m going in to gobble that da** food anyway” attitude. In my defense, I was really really hungry!

I was seriously considering to suggest the meaning of the word ‘unreasonable’ to be changed as ‘toddler’. I felt that he was giving me the hardest time of his life and I’m pretty sure he must be thinking the same too, only with a switch of responsibility for the hard time mentioned.

All because he saw a barney play train outside of the food court and I ignored when he wanted to play. And he had to forget that he was just playing in another barney play car and before that in elmo play car and before that in bob play car and before that in an endless number of play cars after we entered the mall 2 hours back to buy something for 5 bucks. By the way, I do not understand why they have to keep these huge coin operated play equipments every 10 feet apart in shopping malls. But that’s totally out of my hands. And what does matter is, these equipments are spotted only by kids of age 10 and below. We, adults are totally ignorant of it’s presence unless the little one spots it and take a flight to reach there not caring if the parent is following or not.

Surprisingly, I heard myself saying this screaming toddler “Have I ever stopped you from having fun? Don’t you think there should be some reason if I’m doing it now?”. Even more surprisingly, I had to give up after 10 minutes of angry fighting to leave the food on the table and join him as he played happily in the barney train, all the while thinking that I should have done it earlier!

Yours not-angelic-anymore,


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    1. Prats, You can choose to laugh. I did that too, when I was telling about this to hubby. It’s really not that serious actually.

  1. stop doing dis … he will tink dat everytym he wanns smething , u will drop everything and give him wat he wanns …
    Kids tried dis wit me … I was very clearly abt it … u guyz r not gonna get it everytym we see one and even if I let u play , it would b onli once …
    They tried to throw tantrum and den realised dat itz not gonna work wit me and eventually gave up …
    if u give in now , he will b doing dis until he turns 7 or 8 … I hve seen kids dat age screamin der lungs out , standing infront of it …

    1. I’m not surprised about kids and tantrums, Cholena, but this is the first time I’m seeing my son throw a tantrum. Since I’m outgoing and fun loving, so we both make a great pair to run errands and play around. This case is specific coz I was tired, hungry and frustrated, all three of these rarely occurs in my case LOL.

  2. Yeah those coin operated cars are everywhere, and now Aashna knows the location of each and every such car at our nearby mall. Usually, I tell Aashna, “We eat/shop first and then car okay?”,and 90% of the times this has worked. She waits patiently, till we are done with our thing and then she asks for her car ride.
    And its funny you said this -‘โ€œHave I ever stopped you from having fun? Donโ€™t you think there should be some reason if Iโ€™m doing it now?โ€” – I don’t think a toddler will EVER understand that…LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yeah Pappu does that too, and that too our nearby mall has atleast one in every floor and a whole lot in the floor with department store which we visit often. But he goes easy about the ones in that mall. This particular day was of a new mall. So far, our case is not even 90% actually. Either I play along with him, or I go about doing first things first while he just understands perfectly and waits for his turn. I’ve never seen a tantrum in my household before.

      Yeah, those are not words that a toddler would understand. But it’s okay to be frustrated once in a while, atleast once in the past 2 years right? I was tired and it was too much effort me to be angelic and say the patient words that I usually tell him in such cases.

  3. well we just tell our kid that you’ll get what you want to once we are done with the higher priority things. Most of the times it works. When it doesn’t, even giving him what he wants doesn’t work.

    1. I agree, Munish. We have a set of magic words/sentences in my household. We don’t scold and we don’t say ‘no’ because we don’t believe in denying, we believe in providing alternatives rather. But we use some regular captions like “Wait for your turn”, “look at the clock and wait for 30 minutes”. These work like magic between me and my son. Usually. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Well I hate this consumerism placing these kinds of toys everywhere to lure the kids… sigh i hate them

    but i can sympathize with u though it usually works if we make it a sequential activity as priyanaka mentioned

    1. Yeah, Monika, in some of the malls here, they keep the toys inside the food court itself or out of sight of other shops. I don’t mind them, kids either play in front of care takers while they enjoy shopping or eating, or they are out of sight from the toys. But one right outside of the food court and out of sight from the eating place is just too much. Every kid wants to play and we can’t watch them from inside!!!

  5. Oh, that happens to me every week.

    Sometimes bubba behaves like an angel and ignores those coin operated cars. You know what… At that time, I feel bad/pity/too much love/whatever it is, and take her to the car, bcoz she really loves them so much, and I love to see her face brighten when she sits in it.

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