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Hubby and I decided to stay up for monthly goal setting after sending Pappu to bed. So naturally, we left the lights on as we went for prayer time in our bedroom. After the last prayer was said, he promptly got out of bed, went around the house and instructed me to switch off every light and fan that was on in the other rooms. When everything was in place, he went back to bed to his dad and fell asleep immediately.

Behind this post title:  I’m doing another NaBloPoMo this month. Ah! That said, I’ve made a commitment and there’s no looking back. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and the decision was made just a few minutes back.

I was considering if I’d be able to keep up with the commitment in terms of time, because if there’s one thing that changed since the previous NaBloPoMo month, it would be that I’m using every second of my ‘me’ time for painting. The second would be, the business is going faster making me busier for the time being. Nevertheless, I am doing the daily blogging but I’m not going to apologize if I’m posting only photos on some or most of the days of this month.

And, my son is growing up faster and is giving me enough short stories just like the above to write about. It’s a good thing, because I don’t have to truncate these stories endlessly so that they will fit my 140 characters twitter status.

I’ve never considered myself as a mommy blogger, but this month might even make me one!

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