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Finding Inspiration

Monsters! One thing that gets every child in every art room excited. When I found this book at the library, it was all I could do not to jump in excitement. If You’re A Monster And You Know It by Rebecca Emberly and Ed Emberly is a catchy and engaging book with beautiful collage illustrations. As the name suggests, the whole book is a twist to the classic children’s song, “If you’re happy and you know it”. The kids can’t have enough of stomping and wiggling.
I kept pointing to the colours and shapes used in the illustration when I was reading and by the time I was done reading, the kids knew exactly what they were going to create. The book served as a perfect mood setter.

Making of the monsters

This project is one of the simplest in terms of planning and cleaning up, but involved a good deal of skills to improve. All you need is coloured paper (I used cheap origami sheets), 1 sheet of construction paper (black works like magic), scissors and glue.
I placed the basket of paper on the table and the kids started cutting and pasting the shapes onto the black construction paper.

Since I was teaching a group of 4-5 year olds, I have to add that some kids need much more instructions that this. To these kids I had to give more specific hints like “what kind of head does your monster have?” or “what colour is your monster’s hand?” while the others just went through the steps like a breeze with their own ideas.


Finishing up

We finished the project in a single session with simple monsters but if time permits, you could make them more adventurous and attractive by adding more layers to them.
Here’s are the pretty creative monsters from my 4-5 year olds.



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