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In the beginning of motherhood back when my mother was here to help me, I used to jokingly ask everyone how other mothers ever juggle babies and other stuff. Even with my super-mother’s help, I was busy all day and night. It’s been a month and a half since my mom left and I have already mastered the art of … uh… juggling or otherwise called multi-tasking.
So here are my tips for you. Read them before I change my mind about sharing them to make others’ lives easier…
Ever run out of lullabies?
I have spent endless hours singing lullabies, while walking and rocking the baby cradled in my arms. I sing till my throat dries, my arms ache and I am singing the same song again and again like a broken tape. I feel sleepy on hearing my own boring lullaby and reach a stage when I could go nomore.
Recently I discovered this idea, of singing while reading, or reading like singingTM. Try to clutch a book in your hand and read aloud in a nice tune while holding the baby, and you can go on and on with your interesting lullaby.
 Limitations: Makes the reading slower, at about 1/3rd of your normal reading speed, but it’s worth reading atleast this much instead of spending the time just holding an almost-sleeping infant who just wants to hear your voice and doesn’t care what. Ofcourse you may not read literature using this method, but try reading magazines and gossips… Works amazingly.
Lullaby Madness Part 2:
Another of my new inventions is funny talking lullabies TM. I follow the same tune as the traditional lullabies but change the words that suit my own mood. You could say anything, after all, a half-asleep baby is not going to bother if all you were saying is a movie story, cursing your own life or just making fun of your husband.
Disclaimer: Try at your own risk. Because, when your input is too good, you and your husband tend to crack into laughter, waking the half-asleep baby up.
Eating and Cooking:
This is another method of multi-tasking which I regularly follow in my household. It’s quite easy, unlike the previous inventions. You just have to cook your dinner too early, while you are having lunch, lunch that happens too late.
The baby is waking up right now, and I have to prepare myself for another round of lullaby madness. Later one day, I shall share the rest of my methods including cleaning up while eating breakfast bars etc.

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