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Baby, You will be 2 months old soon and are full of changes. Right now, as I write this, youa re playing at your gym, trying to suck your thumb. Yes, you have been practising this since yesterday. You struggle so hard to bring your left thumb to your mouth. You open your mouth wide open in advance and then bring your thumb to… well… everywhere else other than your mouth. I love seeing this. It is so adorable and I marvel at your determination. I’m not very happy to let you make it a habit, but I don’t want to spoil what you have achieved.
Edited 10 july: You succesfully sucked your thumb after 3 days but don’t seem to like it enough to make it a habit-yet. Good for me.
You just turned to look at the toy at your right, the side you hate to turn to. You are used to looking at your left, the way they put you to sleep in the hospital. By the time we realized you were not at all turning your head to the right, it was too late. You resist looking at anthing we show from the right, however tempting it might be.
You love to look at things, mostly unexpected and unattractive things. You laugh, sometimes aloud and coo more at things than mom and dad. Here are the things you love to look at:

  • A/C and electricity and water metres outside the house
  • The painting near our bed, which I painted, years back
  • The mobiles in your playpen and the little kangaroo
  • Our musical showpiece, which I lovingly refer to as ‘ding-dong’ (the name is not quite great, but I couldn’t come up with an apt name when you are screaming on top of your lungs and I am calling for help… For heaven’s sake, somebody? Bring me that…. er.. that ding-dong)
  • Outside the window
  • Any source of light, even when the light is off!
  • Decorations in your room
  • (recently added) The clock hanging near the dining table, where you take bath

Thanks to these additions, your bath time and after-bath dressing up have become less stressful for both of us. It means less crying(you) and fussing(me).

You have started recognising me. When someone else holds you, you look at me eagerly as I walk around the room even though you do not yet react positively when I come closer to you or touch you. You reserve your smiles for better occasions, like looking at the things listed above. You do raise my soul by giving a smile, every now and then.
Edited:15 july:Today you showed your delight by cooing and smiling when I held your hand.

When I hold you and allow you to ‘stand-up’ on my lap, you step your legs forward in a perfect walking motion. You do this with such force that you actually climb up on me. Within a few steps, you are standing at my shoulder.

A few days back, I read your first book to you while holding you in my lap. You were laughing and cooing to my own amazement. You do not enjoy books everyday though. It’s hard to find when is the right time!

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