May 11, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

I reached the hospital on 7th morning. For the first time in my life I reached on time for something. I dressed up in operation suit and they did a final check of blood pressure etc. Then I sat with my mother and waited while hubby and my dad went to do the paper works.

Time hardly passed until it was 9 am and we were taken near the operation theatre by a porter. It was time for me to go inside. I was told that hubby would join me later inside the theatre. I kissed my parents good-bye but didn’t say anything to hubby because I was to meet him inside.
I was in the preperation room adjoining the operation theatre for quite sometime doing what, I do not remember.

In the operation theatre finally, I was given the epidural and they were monitoring other things for a long time. I was feeling very sleepy may be because of the epidural or the blinding bright lights or the cold conditioned air. I was feeling awful. I wanted hubby near me. I kept asking the nurses about my husband. They said he was waiting outside and will be with me in a short while. I missed him terribly and felt so bad that I had not kissed him good-bye too. I was afraid that he was going to miss the delivery and I would deliver my baby without kissing my hubby.

His arrival after so long a time was a blessing for me. I told him whatever I had done since leaving him, that my blood pressure reached a peak of 160/100 and that I vomitted. A screen was then raised with me and hubby on one side and my belly on the other. And then the doctors and nurses were doing so many things, which I was not feeling. There was lots of pushing and rolling motions in my tummy. And there was one final puuuu…………………….. and there was the baby. The doctor raised the baby over the screen to show us, he was there, crying.

I do not remember what happened after that. All I could remember was the little one raised above my head, crying. They sent hubby out of the room and I could still hear the baby’s crying. I laid there awestruck. Then they brought the baby to me, wrapped in a blue blanket and put him on me. He was looking at me and crying… hearing which I couldn’t help crying myself.

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