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Who said money can’t buy happiness? It clearly does buy happiness, along with many other expensive goodies. (It’s only a bit difficult to digest the whole truth that money can buy happiness and beyond, if you keep money under control and not vice versa.)
We’d been too busy the past few months that we couldn’t find time to shop. As a result, I was repeating my clothes all the time and the other day Hubby wore tennis shoes to beach coz his sandals were worn out.
We spent the past 2 weeks shopping for them all. It was totally fun. I didn’t have time to blog, cook, eat and sleep. So I post photos here and try to convince you that it is of course a valid blog post!


We started with this for pappu after we lost his squeaky snoopy shoes. (Now I’m going to all the places we had been to during the past few weeks in an attempt to find them. Somebody will return it to me)

Clarke's Shoes

One of these days we went out to buy Hubby’s sandals but came back home carrying enough clothes for all of us and shoes for me and Pappu.


My shoes

Oh please don’t ask me. I don’t moisturise my skin, alright.
And then we bought a denim overalls for Pappu. I’d been planning this one for so long. I was right. Denim overalls are the cutest things on earth.

Denim Overall

We did finally find the sandals Hubby wanted in one of the shops (Only one shop in all of singapore? Hubby sure is a man of unique taste).

Father and son

You spend a whole long day of shopping and you will still feel energetic. And you spend more money filling up your tummy and then you ask your Hubby to get some pictures and tell him to ignore your belly. He does, but the poor camera, it doesn’t know how to ignore the 2 kilos of extra fat hanging on to your tummy.


And not to mention, the joy of spending money even gets to the face of your one year old.

july09 226

(For concerned souls, we did not buy these glasses for him.)

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  1. Cool shoes! And the overalls look great, where did you buy them? I want to buy one for Ash.

    Thanks, Priyanka. Will mail you soon with the details….

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