March 31, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment
  1. We moved. Within the city. It was quite a trying time, when hubby was busy with work and I was busy with packing and we both were busy with our business. The baby? Oh he was busy helping us around. He helped me unpack when I was packing and he helped me remove things off shelves when I was trying to arrange my stuff in shelves.
  2. I wanted to take a few pictures of my old house, at the time of packing, things all around, but my camera battery was out of charge, for a long time. On another note, we came to this house more than 10 days back and even now, the battery has not been charged.
  3. I wanted to blog all about my move and all, but I lived for 2 weeks without internet (As a part of the move). 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I bought a brand new buggy stroller for my luggage handbag baby. Because he is growing up, and it is difficult for me to manage the baby in one hand and the bigger stroller in another. This one is a sleek light weight one, and ohhhhhhhhh how I love it!
  5. I am planning to buy a new handbag(doubles as diaper bag) to match the new stroller.
  6. I bought myself a pair of new shoes. Oh the pain of shopping for shoes. I shouldn’t wear high heels and I feel that leaves me with absolutely no choices of shoes in the whole world. Very rarely do I find something that fits me, that is also comfortable and nice looking.
  7. I got a new hand phone yesterday.

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