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Toddlish: The essential toddler behavioral language
“Gym”my: Baby’s best friend, the play gym.
___ (Dash): It means “bite”. We don’t use the word “bite” in our house anymore, for it only increases my toddler’s curiosity. So whereever applicable, we just say “He did the dash word”
The Dee Uhh See Kay (D-U-C-K): That’s how we mention his favourite duckie when the duckie is really not around and when there is a high danger of the duckie being ‘wanted’.
Mombabydia: My essential mom-baby dictionary, which I lost and then found it after a long quest only to found that they aren’t required anymore.

ParentsConnect.com and Twittermoms are conducting a Momfinitions contest. Why, yes we all have our own set of words that really do deserve to be placed in the dictionary. I thought it would be fun to write my list.

Here’s are some of the words we use in our household.

1. Mombabydia [mom-bay-be-dia]: noun The Mom-Baby dictionary, and viceversa.

Usage: “Where the heck is my Mombabydia?”

I lost it several months back when my baby was born. I got it back after my months-long quest only to find that it isn’t required now. Looks like the baby language is not in use anymore.

2. Toddlish [Tawd-lish]: noun The essential toddler behavioral language.

Usage: “And so we were on the way to the airport and my son behaved in a toddlish way that only a toddler can justify.”

It is the latest trend in any house with a toddler. Synonyms of ‘toddlish’ are “Unreasonable”, “Should I really have a second child?”, “Terrible twos”, “Tantrums”, “I certainly don’t understand what I’m doing”, “Where, oh, where did I lose my happy, easy and charming baby”, “I thought I was almost proud of my baby” and many more….

3. “Gym”my [jim-ee]: noun Baby’s best friend, the play gym.

Usage: “The baby is busy with his friend, Gymmy”

One of the most used toys in our house. During the initial days, I could just spend hours of ‘me’ time, eating bonbons and watching Oprah while the baby plays happily under the play gym.

4. “Dash” [___]: noun “bite”, verb “to bite”.

Usage: “OUCH!”. “What is it?”. “The baby just did the ‘dash word’ on my shoulder”.

We don’t use the word “bite” in our house anymore. Because if the toddler hears this word, his ever growing curiosity would make him ‘want’ to test the word’s meaning. So whereever applicable, we just replace it with “dash”.

5. The D.U.C.K [the-dee-you-see-kay]: noun The yellow and red rubber duckling.

Usage: “I don’t believe I forgot to pack the D.U.C.K yet another time!!!”

That’s how we mention our son’s favourite duckie when the duckie is not around. Essentially to avoid any nightmare from happening. You know, the nightmare when the unavailable duckie is ‘wanted’.

So that was my list. Feel free to add yours in the comments section or to enter the contest yourself by clicking the links provided in the beginning of the post.

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  1. “Dash” is a cool one 🙂
    And we too have started spelling out words now, these babies understand more than we think they do.

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