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My family is really big on Monopoly game. We’ve spent hours after hours playing the game, which is really a lot of ‘sitting down time’ for an active 6 year old. We especially love our special Singapore edition game. It’s extra fun when you play with our own favourite haunts in the city and who doesn’t like a house at Sentosa Cove anyway?

Monopoly intro Before After.jpg

The problem is, every time we sit down to play, we spend quite an amount of our precious time setting up the game. For some reason, the organiser that comes with the original box (refer ‘before’ picture above) doesn’t work at all and messes itself up every time the box shakes a little. I decided to take things over and eliminate the hours wasted in just setting up the game before we sit down to play.

We love my new game kit (refer ‘after’ picture above). We can start playing right away after deciding to because everything we need fits snugly in this small kit, already set up.


Monopoly intro Snug FIt.jpg

And I’m going to show you how I did it.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A transparent document case/folder (make sure your folded game board fits inside)
  • Small clips
  • A transparent pouch for game pieces
  • Brad pins / paper fasteners (I picked up my box of 100 pins from Popular Bookstore Singapore for around 3 dollars)
  • A thick sheet cardboard for support (this should fit inside the document folder)
  • Some thick cards about the same size as your monopoly money (not shown in picture). I made mine from a cereal box.

Step 1

Organise your money and game cards and decide how you want it to be setup. I wanted it to be like this:


Step 2

Measure the thick cards according to your plan.


I fixed the cards to my cardboard support using brad pins. It would be easier and neater to use stapler but I like these little things because they can reach where the stapler cannot. And I had to use 2 pins per card to keep them from rotating. Brad pins or these fasteners are especially useful when rotation is desired.

Step 3

Clip on your money and cards to the card board support.


When you are done, your multitasking banker will have an easier job handling the bank’s money.

You may stop here if you only want an efficient monopoly kit. Or you can go on and make it look better.

Step 4

Next, I repurposed my worn out original monopoly box to make a folder for my custom kit.

make folder.jpg

  1. I made 2 cards out of the front and back of the old box, the same size as my support.
  2. I attached the support to the back cover.
  3. I cut out another piece of the box to use as the spine for the folder
  4. And attached it to the front and back cover

Step 5

Slide everything along with your folded game board (not pictured) inside your transparent document case, ready for playtime!

final kit.jpg

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