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I’ve been thinking of creating a Pete the Cat art project for quite a while now and finally fixed on a comic strip. It was high time too, the kids had fun as they made their own comic and learnt a lot too. It was totally creative and they were able to work independently regardless of the fact that we were using guided drawing technique for drawing the cat.


We read the book “Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses by Kimberly and James Dean. It is a fun read and is about enjoying the best in the world. Pete the Cat has a gloomy day and he learns to cheer himself up but finally learns that he doesn’t really need a “magic something” to make him happy. He could be happy anyway!

The illustrations, as it is with other Pete the Cat books, is catchy and inspiring.

After I read the book, I demonstrated different ways of drawing Pete the Cat. I focussed more on Pete’s face, but I also showed the kids how to drawing sitting, standing or on a skateboard. After this, I asked the kids to think of a story and start drawing.


Drawing Pete the Cat and the story line

I always teach the kids to start a figure from it’s eyes or the shape of the face. In this case, we started with the face. Draw 2 short parallel lines and join them on the bottom with a ‘V’ shape. Join the top with an “almost curved” line. Add 2 triangles for ears. Now in the middle of the face, add 2 long curved lines and finish the eyes using 2 inverted curves and 2 tiny inverted triangles for eye balls. Under it, draw an inverted triangle for nose.The whiskers seem to be sprouted directly from the cheek, which the kids found very funny.

 PetetheCat_Comic Strip1.jpg

Use a strip of paper (I cut a regular drawing sheet in half lengthwise). Divide the strip into 4 parts and compose your drawing.

Painting the story

Blue oil pastels make a very vibrant choice for Pete. You could use tempera if you like. The rest of the details were all done with oil pastels. We used water colour wash for background, to keep it simple. This group of kids are new to watercolours so I had to guide them on how much water to use. The younger ones still ended up using too much, the water running into other colours. But the effect was nice, all the same.

PetetheCat_Comic Strip2.jpg

PetetheCat_Comic Strip3.jpg

Finishing touch

More details can be added once dry. Then, stand back and enjoy your own comic strips.

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