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I chose this lesson to reintroduce and encourage the kids to use a variety of colours in the painting. Of course, I haven’t mentioned the beautiful illustrations in the book “Quiet bunny’s many colors” by Lisa McCue.


The book is about a cute bunny and his exploration with spring colours. He tries to colour himself in one of the spring colours, but finally realises how his own colour adds to the beauty of spring. It teaches kids to appreciate themselves and how different they are from their friends. And yes, it also helped me stop them from comparing their art with others. After we read the book, we drew our bunnies using directed drawing approach. The artists were asked to create their own background but were asked to include at-least one object in each of the colours discussed in the book.

I also provided a step-by-step drawing handout which of course was not needed, given the small size of my group.  img-140123162745-0001

It was a fun process developing the backgrounds, but we had to wait for another week before we coloured in our bunnies. We used the oil pastel scratch technique we had already used in the Emu art lesson.

And finally, we sat back and enjoyed our amazingly beautiful art work.

2014-01-22 10.30.45

2014-01-22 10.30.31

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