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Rainbow rice for sensory play

What it takes

Preparation: 30 minutes

Waiting: 2 hours

Setup: 5 minutes

Play: 30 minutes+

Clean up: 5 minutes

How to make rainbow rice

Set it up for play

Mix, Mix, Mix

You can let your child take the reins and play anyway they like. I was expecting my daughter to dump everything into the bin at once, which is what my son would have done. But she chose to spend over half an hour just slowly mixing the colours.

This is a very good fine motor skills activity.

It is super sensory. Not as sticky as play dough, nor as messy as sand. It is great for children who don’t like to get messy.

My son joined in as soon as he was back from school and changed the speed of the game. Everything was mixed up and they both were pouring and swirling the rice around.


Needless to say, before long, I had a bit of mess on the floor, but being what it is, it was super easy to clean up and the kids were happy to help cleaning up too.


Are you planning to do this at home?

Have you made rainbow rice before? What method did you use to colour the rice? Is there a specific game that became a hit? Comment below to let me know how you did it.

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