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Here’s a beautiful rainy (stormy?) day art lesson from last year. I wanted to do a colour wheel lesson and was happy to let the kids explore with water colours. Not only did it work excellently for the theme, but it was a welcome change from tempera paints.

What you’ll need

  • White paper
  • Oil Pastels for Colour Wheel (Primary Colours only)
  • Oil Pastels for the child (Colour of choice)
  • White Oil Pastel for rain drops
  • Water Colours (Blue/Green/Turquoise)
  • Black Marker for drawing

Making your own Rainy Day

Step 1

Start by drawing the umbrella with 6 divisions for primary and secondary colours (You might want to do a tertiary colour wheel for older kids). Then draw the child under it.

Step 2

Fill in colours for the wheel. I like to use only primary colour and ask the kids to mix their own secondaries. If you want a much neater job, you can use the exact colour for the kids to fill in.

Step 3

Add rain drops using white oil pastels. At this point, the child won’t be able to see the rain drops, but it’s important to try and make the drops in the same direction. Add ‘splashes’ on the ground where the drops fall.

Step 4

Paint the sky and ground using different combinations of watercolours. We used a dark blue combination for sky and a turquoise set for ground. The kids were amazed to find their wonderful rain drops and splashes ‘magically appear’ on the paper.



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