April 2, 2014 Sugirdha 0Comment

This was a book our volunteer reader had chosen to read on the first session of KidsREAD club. It is a simple yet powerful story and with brilliantly coloured pictures on black paper, it is captivating.

The story is an artistic twist to the classic fable “3 blind men” I’d heard from my grandfather long ago. As the title suggests, it is about seven blind but differently hued mice trying to find out about the strange ‘something’ by the pond, each coming up with a weird guess about what the ‘something’ was, drawn from the little they had explored. The story ends with a conclusion that it’s important to take your time to know the whole than jump into a quick decision.
It was our first story telling session but the kids were quite involved with the story, words and illustrations. To add interest to the reading, we had also created these props.



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