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“Shaping up”

I’ve started a planned diet regime today (diet as in “Noun: A prescribed selection of foods” and not “Verb: Eat sparingly, for health reasons or to lose weight”). I’ve been toying around with this idea for quite some time and finally time did come to start it. The next 6 weeks are going to be fun with a mixture of fruits and vegetables and all types of non-vegetarian food plus meal replacement drinks, my regular vitamins and a handful of fat/cholesterol every day plus 10 minutes exercise everyday for 6 days a week. It sounds like fun doesn’t it?

I got my diet planned last week and scheduled it for today because I wanted to shop for things required for today. The weekend was extremely exciting and busy that I still haven’t got what I wanted. I don’t have the fruits I’m supposed to take today before lunch and I still haven’t bought battery for my weighing scale. Nevertheless, I have started the regime as planned and will take challenges on the go.


Weight in kgs: I have no idea

Waist Circumference: 85 cm (Cut off WC is actually 80 cm)

4 thoughts on ““Shaping up””

    • Thanks, Priyanka. Yeah 10 minutes. 4 minutes of high energy Aerobic training, 3 minutes of toning, 2 minutes of core strengthening and 1 minute stretching/deep breathing. It’s more practical this way, anything harder wouldn’t even be possible for me 😉 Some of my friends have reduced about 7 kilos in 6 weeks in this schedule. I’ll let you all know how mine works.

  • Oh yeah, do tell me how do you achieve all this in 10 mins, exactly what kind of exercises etc. I’m very interested as I hardly have any time for myself these days. I need to get back into shape 🙁

    • Sure. I think by the time I reach 1 month, I should be able to give valid information. Let’s see how it goes for me.

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