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Stilllife Flowers 4.jpg

This was one of our beautiful art projects from last year. It’s simple to plan and setup and it is a great lesson on “look and observe” too.

The Setup

The setup was very simple. Since I was preparing at the last minute for the lesson, I didn’t find a vase I really wanted to use so I just decided to use a plastic spray bottle without top. It worked perfectly (I added some marbles to keep it from tipping over). It gave an interesting shape to the setup and also made the variations in shade clearly visible. I added plastic flowers to the vase and made sure each child will get the frontal view of at least one flower.


When the kids were in, I provided a sheet of paper each (I use 15×11 in drawing sheets) and a china marker and got them drawing right away. I asked them to look carefully and observe every line and shape. They drew the vase first, paying special attention to the screw on top.

Then they added the flowers. I showed them how to draw the flower facing them first, starting with the centre and building the petals. Then I asked them to draw the other flowers, adding that from a different angle, the flower would look different and you may not even see the centre of the flower. That point was something most of the kids missed, which is okay. They were just learning how to observe and produce it on paper.

Once they were done with the flowers and the vase, they added a table line above or below the middle, going by general composition rules.


I left the choice of colour to the kids but showed them different ways to shade flower petals using oil pastels. Also, I showed how to change values and add highlights to the vase. The kids used tempera to paint the background.



Stilllife Flowers 1.jpg

Aren’t they are just amazing?

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