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Tangle Doodle 1

I’ve always loved the way each one of these projects turned out. This time I included the kids’ names (which are not displayed in the pictures here in order to protect the kids’ privacy), written in bubble fonts by the kids and decorated in lines too. It’s fun and colourful and worked as a great patience exercise.

So here’s your visual step-by-step guide.

1. Trace your (or your child’s) hand using pencil on your paper

zentangle hands 1

2. Outline using your Sharpie (or any permanent marker)

zentangle hands 2

3. Write your name in bubble font

You may use any double lined font but we find the bubble font easiest for young kids. A trick is to write the name with pencil and then draw around it with Sharpie in your preferred font and then erase the pencil lines.

zentangle hands 3

4. Practise a few patterns on a scrap paper

zentangle hands 4

5. Start drawing patterns within the outline of the hand

zentangle hands 5

6. Continue till you fill up the whole drawing including the letters

zentangle hands 6

7. Start colouring your patterns using coloured markers

Any marker should work here. We used Crayola washable marker which is our favourite, go-to product.

zentangle hands 7

8. Cover the background with a simple watercolour wash

Keep it simple and single coloured because your designs are already colourful enough.

zentangle hands 8

9. Finish, stand back and admire your work!

zentangle hands 9

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