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After much deliberation, I have decided to start art classes for 2s and 3s. Or should I rather call it art appreciation sessions? The plan is to keep it a mom and child session to avoid issues with toilet training and separation anxiety. I did run a trial during the holidays with one child. This is the first time I’ve officially had a 3-year-old student and the experience was amazing, not to mention watching those cute little fingers moving to create beautiful art.

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And how could I forget the “I want to go home” episodes towards the end of the sessions. So guess I’ll have to cut short on the length of the session, especially if the child is going to be left with me to 45 minutes per session. I’m not a fan of long art classes but with my 4 year olds, 1 hour of class flies by without us realising it. And for my 6 year olds, 1:15 hour is not enough.

It turns out now that a bigger problem will be to convince parents that their child is too young for instructions. While I don’t really encourage the directed drawing approach, I have since learnt that it is essential to provide instructions, and without instructions, some kids are really lost at the art table. But introducing these instructions to a 3-year-old? Well, that would take a bit of working around to decide how much I expect from the child. 

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Finally I did decide to choose only open-ended art projects for this group of kids. Projects that are process oriented, exposing the child to various basics and at the same time, not expecting a particular result from her.

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