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It was when the baby had just learned to crawl, one afternoon, I was sitting on the floor and playing with him. When he tried to move towards the bathroom, I said “Pappu, don’t go there. You will fall”.

And I repeated many times in case he missed my point. “No. No. Not there. You will fall”.

I still remember that moment, down to minute details. Because that was when I came to the realisation of my life. What am I teaching the baby? Am I teaching him to be safe? Or am I teaching him to fall?

To make my point clear, I shall share a story I heard somewhere. During a thunderstorm, 2 children were stranded in a tree. Both the kids’ mothers were there but rescue would come only after the storm was over. They had nothing else to do but to wait under the tree and support their girls. One of the mother cried “Honey, please don’t fall”. The other mother said to her daughter, “Honey, please hold on tight”. Not so long after that, the child whose mother asked her not to fall, fell fthe tree. The other girl survived.

Both the kids in this story just followed the words of their well-meaning mothers. It was nobody’s fault. But why did the child fall? Such is the power of spoken words. When the child heard her mother say “hold on tight”, the only thought in her mind was to hold-on-tight. But the other child’s mind was injected with the fear of falling. This works in accordance with the law of attraction. When you really don’t want something to happen, that something becomes your dominant thought and your body and environment goes it’s way to make that happen.

I do not mean it’s easy to control our words in all kind of emotions. But it is just acheivable. After this realisation, we decided that we wouldn’t speak anything negative in our house.  No, we do not even speak negative just for jokes. Even if some words like that slip out of mouth, we make sure that we correct it immediately. This learning process is fun. I decided that I should share this fun. I will be posting more on this topic. Together, we can all use this power for the best. Join in my journey!

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