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Last monday was our wedding anniversary. Like everybody says, I do not believe that it is 3 years already. But what everybody doesn’t say is, this was the first time we celebrated our anniversary. Because we had planned to celebrate the day we met instead. And I never remembered to celebrate the day we met. And my mother reminds me every anniversary day in the morning. So we decided to celebrate wedding anniversaries starting this year. I made a great lunch complete with payasam (a famous dessert in India). Hubby worked from home, by which I mean, he stayed home with me and played with pappu.


But celebrations was not over yet. Friday was my birthday, and this time hubby took leave to really stay home with me and play with pappu without guilt.

This is what I got as a gift.¬†Especially after last year’s gift from Hubby, this birthday had sure raised my expectation.

teddy bear family

The white baby bear opened and I found this inside…


And the surprises were not over. There.. oh.. something was written on the inside.


Ah! The fun of receiving. All our names were inscribed on the inside of the ring. Oh dear, my darling Hubby has mastered the art of gifting…….

This is my fourth birthday since my wedding and my parents were with us for 2 of the birthdays before this. 2 years back on my birthday we went to a good restaurant and had a romantic and expensive dinner. Finding us by ourselves this time, we decided to do the same, a romantic and expensive dinner. Only to do it for lunch because we had some appointments at dinner time. By the time we got ready and brought our clan to the restaurant, it was 4 o clock and they told us that we reached too early, for dinner, period. We filled our stomach with starters and patiently waited for dinner. It was romantic enough, alright, in a dim, candle lit room with soft music where we found it extremely challenging to chase the running toddler and to keep him from bumping against people and things. It was an exciting time anyway, and expensive. That I understood by looking at the bill.


After that we went to a business gathering and I received this. I never knew I had so many friends in singapore. I’m really thankful for the crowd.



And last night we invited some friends over for dinner and I cooked. All by myself. Anyway it was a success and we all had fun.

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  1. A very happy wedding anniversary to the both of you!

    The ring is just perfect, I have been looking for one like that for a loooong time. Please can you tell me where he bought it?
    Thank you, Priyanka. It was from Couple Lab, Plaza Singapura.

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