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I’m happy when I’m busy… busy doing things I love to do. Well, who doesn’t? But does everyone get to do what they really want to do? That’s why I should really call myself blessed. Things that make me unhappy never happen in my life. Hmm.. well, they either never happened or they were promptly forgotten, or considered a lesson preparing me for the next stage of life. Oh yes, that’s the bliss of doing what you really love to do. Your fine tuned attitude knows which way to look.

The restlessness, the urge to do something useful in every moment of life… That’s helped me pull my lazy body out of my cozy arm-chair and out of my sweet home into the unknown. Oh my! wasn’t it uncomfortable? Yes, it was and I still find myself feeling queasy when I’m facing the outside world (especially when it is filled with competitive adults, and not with children with their open minds, innocent attitudes and unsinking confidence about their world). But the satisfaction that I get after it is done makes it all worth it. I get back home content and happy.

So I decided that it’s time to start acting, to do things and to make a difference, if I can. I’ve been thinking about my purpose. Sure, it’s not just to surround myself with art, kids and books and to indulge in my personal happiness. There must be something more. And if surrounding myself with these things is what I really want, I’ll start giving myself in terms of time for kids through books and art. It’s been my early adulthood dream of setting up an institute to give, without taking anything back, to help not-so-fortunate kids (I was still living in India and had some experience working with children from a slum in Bangalore). But I have to start small. So I decided to start a KidsREAD Club. It’s a Singapore based reading program aimed to promote the love for reading and to benefit children from low-income families. I will be getting it started by the end of march. It’s just a few hours’ work every week, but it sure gives more meaning to what I’m doing.

P.S. Because this post is about my personal happiness, it cannot go without saying that my daily dose of positive, loving and empowering words comes from my biggest inspiration, my son. Almost everyday he gets his moment of gratitude and love (although most of the time the moment is initiated by some funny, insignificant thought) and he would boost me up with his words. He has always been an ideal child with occasional (almost daily) disruptions but since I choose to forget unhappy stuff, he is still an ideal child. Almost everything I do right now or planning to do has been inspired by him. My path, my purpose is more clear now, unveiling experiences which have only been a dream in my life before motherhood.

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