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A few weeks back while watching a movie, pappu asked about the grave yard and memorial (I forgot about the movie but I think it was a scene where someone was visiting their mom’s grave). I ventured to explain all about it but was reprimanded by my mom for encouraging such sensitive topics for discussion at this age. Ofcourse I thought there was no need to hide anything from him but I didn’t want an argument at the time so I gave up. Anyway, he brought up the topic since and had enough information from his dad.

The boy has been talking about death quite some time. When he was just three, he asked me what would happen if a mama and papa should die and the little kid is left on the ground ( I suppose he meant ‘alone’ or may be he thought ‘to die’ means ‘to disappear all of a sudden’ like even when the family were taking a walk on the ground. )

Few weeks back I was telling him (when he woke up) that I love him and that I’d love him no matter what happens. Without a moment’s delay he said “you mean even if I die?”

This morning we had this discussion when I was still not out of bed (early mornings always seem to be his best time for reflections).

Amma, you know, it’s okay even if you die.
Because I know how to bring dead people alive.
Ya you just pour water in the dead person’s mouth to make him alive again.

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  1. Very “interesting” topic for kids at this age… Very “hard to explain and make them understand” topic for us…. Let me know how it goes, because soon I’ll be experiencing the same questions… 🙂

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