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I found this in my drafts folder. I was planning to make this blog post more than a year ago. And then I took an indefinite break from blogging. Ah-hem.

By the way, it was really time to change my phone at the time. I was quite anti-iPhone and decided to go for Nokia amidst all the challenges made by my iPhone loving friends. It would be hard to say whether I regretted this little decision. Nokia put me on all kids of restrictions but I thanked Nokia when I saw many of my friends’ iPhone screens shattered to a million pieces. One of my friends had actually convinced me that iPhone body is made of the glass used in airplane windows (So.. shatterproof?). Thank goodness they didn’t use that glass at the zoo to enclose big cats. Imagine your face up close to that of the Bengal tiger and then the only sheet of glass between you and the tiger gets shattered when you knock at it!

Here I am 15 months later, having set a record of how many times a mobile phone can be thrown to the ground. (Of course I didn’t actually throw it, but it fell from my hand, pant pocket, shoulder, head, elbow etc and I was helpless). On an average, I should say that my Nokia phone fell down at least 3 times a day, something that a ‘airplane quality glass bodied’ iPhone could have never handled. But I can’t deny the hairline crack on my Nokia body (much bigger than hairline actually) and the failing basic features of my Nokia. It’s time to change. (…if 15 months is not too early for someone who used the phone more by letting it fall than by actually using the features)

So now we come back to the big question. To iPhone or to iPhone not.

Disclaimer: No iPhones were damaged in making this blog post.

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