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Toucan Toucan’t

Toucans are beautiful creatures. And those beautiful beaks have always been a source of inspiration for me. I’ve been looking for a book to get the kids inspired and found this at the library, Toucan Toucan’t by Peter Francis-Browne and Rita Gianetti. It’s a humorous story of 2 toucans explaining what “two can” and what “two can’t”. The book is very engaging and introduces the concept of simple word play to young readers along with beautiful illustrations.

What you need

  • A3 or B3 drawing sheets: I cut the sheets in half because the drawing is quite detailed.
  • Tempera paints: I prefer crayola washable paint. You’ll need black and various shades of green. I provide one shade of premixed green along with blue and yellow paints so that they can mix their own greens for variety.
  • Oil pastels: You’ll need at least 2 colours,  yellow, orange, red and green for the beak.
  • Black markers or oil pastels.
  • Reference picture: I used an oil pastel sketch of a toucan from my sketchbook but you can use any cut-out or print or just the book for reference.

Drawing the Toucan

I use directed drawing method and demonstrate the drawing on the white board. I teach a small group where I can guide each kid but if you have many kids, you might want to use this handout.

toucan copy


Play with colours


I started the background first, which is actually a little challenging because of the variety of colours. On the second day, we painted the beak and the tree branches with oil pastels and then painted the toucan black. As a last step, we went over the lines with a black oil pastel.

Amazing toucans!


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