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In which I take the risk and use this space to vent about something that has been bothering me too much that I have to stand on top of the Singapore flyer and shout so that everybody will listen; as if telling the same story to my mom 10 times a day is not enough.

Okay, you men who are reading this, you shall leave now. Either hit the back button to return to where you came from or skip to the previous post and celebrate my 100th post after helping yourself with a drink. And you girls who are not mothers, you shall go too if you do not know me personally or if you do not care.  Now, you mothers who love to read mommy blogs, come closer. I’ll tell you a secret.

I’ve been struggling hard with the weaning process. As much proud that I was and I still am about breastfeeding, weaning has become my biggest thing these days. I had planned to wean him when he becomes 18 months old, even though I actually wanted to nurse until 2 years. At 2 years, I understood that weaning would become difficult and I thought I was smart enough to have planned so well to wean him at 18 months. I thought it was going to be easy-peezy.

When he reached 15 months, I decided that it was time to start the process. I had finally out grown the initial guilt of not having enough milk when Pappu was born and also Pappu had started following a good diet. I was happy about my change of mind and announced to the world that I would wean him soon and I even bought some normal clothes (I was on the boring, no-style nursing clothes till then)in celebration of my decision. I thought babies wean themselves unless we desperately what them to keep nursing!

I do not know what kind of energy my behavior passed on to Pappu, but he suddenly started becoming more demanding of breastfeeding. I can’t even use the word ‘breast milk’ here because he shouldn’t be getting enough milk to fill his appetite. He was just suckling for the sake of fun, or comfort. Actually he nurses himself to sleep. I was the culprit, for I always opened up for him to nurse whenever he felt sleepy so that I wouldn’t have to carry him and walk until he falls asleep on my shoulder.

The next couple of days was tiring for me. I would carry him, walk and sing to him for more than an hour, twice everyday to put him to bed. Other than sleeping time, whenever he demanded nursing, I would shortly tell him that big boys drink from a cup and that he was a great big boy now, and I would do something fun with him. My strategy worked very well. He stopped demanding and  I would let him nurse only once during the day that is before going to bed at night. I was happy at that advancement but I had also started missing the nursing days especially at the end of the day when my breasts were heavy and painful!

Not that it happened for so long. Within 3 days of that schedule, Pappu got a fever and my mommy-guilt raised as much as the temperature did. Without much thoughts, I put him on fully breastfed diet even though he was taking a good enough diet even then. I jumped into action and happily let him nurse for the whole week that he was down, fully expecting him to stop nursing by himself when his temperature was normal again. It was only after that I realized what I had done. He turned into a nurse-aholic* and got addicted to my breasts. All he wanted to do was to nurse and nothing else.

I’m still working hard on it and I have to say that it’s much much harder than how we had progressed before the fever.

*This word may not be found in dictionary

2 thoughts on “Warning: This post may not be for you!!!

  1. Hahahaha…. Wait, I will come back after I stop laughing….
    No, don’t kill me, just kidding. It will eventually happen da. Don’t set dates for these things. In fact, I think, you must be happy he still needs you for comfort. After few months, he will be more interested in roaming around playing, than being near you. So enjoy this period.

    Again, that is my view. If you are desperately trying to wean, you did well first time before the fever. Follow the same thing again and you will do it soon.

    The_Inspired: I would have totally agreed with you about 3 months back. When Pappu turned one, more people started asking me when I planned to wean. And I would give them a look! Not only did I have no idea when, I also hadn’t even thought of not nursing him some day. But after 15 months, I was hit by the practical issues of it. Lack of milk and other toddler-ish ways of demanding included. While it’s true that some babies stop nursing by themselves after 1 year of age, some do not stop until 2 or even 3 and in most cases a third person’s help is needed to finally make the change. Third person is not an option for me.
    And also, nursing to him is not for comfort now, he uses it to fall asleep. I feel that he should have a better sleep routine than this.

  2. Hmm, I’m one of the mothers who wasn’t able to breast feed. But I do care 🙂

    I was wondering, how are you weaning him? Maybe if you start by replacing one feed with cow’s milk, and then slowly progressing (over a span of a few weeks) till all feeds are replaced might work. Taking away all the feeds except one might be hard for him.

    The_Inspired: :-). My son is one of those people who wouldn’t drink milk, cow’s milk or formula. I have tried every form of it in every time of the day. He wouldn’t take milk. I have replaced milk with yogurt and cheese.
    During the past 2 months, I have slowly converted every nursing break to snack time and now he eats much better than when he used to nurse during the day. That is how I tried to wean and by the start of this month, he was already taking only night time feeds(3 -4 times a night). It was not an overnight process, it happened in 2 months. But I still plan to keep up with the night time feeds and wait for him to stop himself!

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