March 12, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

We love this song. Ever since hubby and I saw it in a TV program, we had been searching for this one. That’s until I heard it playing in my chinese neighbour’s house. I soon learnt the name of the song and part of the lyrics and meanings. Now, pappu loves it with a passion, that this song would work when none of my lullabies, rhymes and any other damn song on earth won’t work.

I wonder how a whole family would like something from a country of which we don’t understand anything – like their language, culture, food. Yeah, Food. I still remember the day when I newly found chinese neighbour-friend invited me to lunch with her. I happily said yes, little did I remember that I was gonna eat something that I had hated for 2 years. We moved to Singapore, a city which is famous for shopping and eating, and ended up searching for indian food whereever we go. If we didn’t find Indian, we would eat McDonald’s.

When I went to her house, she was cooking. Would it be rude if I asked if she was serving me snakes? Rather, I found myself asking her, trying to make myself sound matter-of-factly if she eats certain creatures. No, she doesn’t actually eat snake and frog because she is scared of them. Uh. Thank God.

As I type this, the baby is on my shoulder, his body warm against me, dozing and listening to the above said song, probably an effect of the cough and fever medicines I’ve been giving since morning. If it comforts you so, wouldn’t I listen to this song over and over again honey? Will it help bring down the fever?

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