May 27, 2009 Sugirdha 0Comment

What are those strange little white buds?

Are they fences to protect the little treasures inside?

Or are they little buddies which line up around my finger and make me shout “ouch!!!” in a manner he thinks is funny?

No, they are his little teeth!


He is a bit late. He started teething around his first birthday. Good for both of us. For now, we both know how to better deal with it. Whenever it aches or itches him, he will take my finger and put in his mouth. Before he proceeds with something else, I get something for him to bite. He soothes himself for sometime and then goes about doing his things. Yeah, this is the coolest teething story I’ve ever heard.



Added to surprises: Your toddler eats the food he had just thrown on the floor and you pretend you didn’t notice because neither you want to encourage eating from the floor, nor do you want to stop him from ingesting atleast something!

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