October 25, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

What happened?

The baby fell off the bed.

And then?

Mom let out a loud screech. After that, the baby cried as if to suggest that he was more scared at mom’s screech than the falling itself.

Who was the most sane person in the household?

The Dad. For he plunged into action and took the crying baby from the frightened mom who stood like a statue.

When all was well, what did the dad say?

It’s OK. All babies fall and Pappu has reached this ‘milestone’ today.

When all was well, what did mom say?

I was scared to death. But now that I think of it, it will make a good blog post.

So, what was the mom doing when the baby fell?

She was in the same room trying out her pre-pregnancy clothes, probably wondering when they will fit her again!

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