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I once told a friend of mine that I used to be a big rebel in the past. What I actually meant was, I have become rather flexible in some aspects of life. But she immediately replied, now that you are reading books, you’ll stop being a rebel. Oh’ excuse me!?!?!
But I have no idea where the notion of rebellion being bad came from. Reading became my habit very late in life, when I was around 17 before which I was good at submitting to values and beliefs. It was the books that I read which helped me become a rebel. Why, I’ve been happier when I became one, because I didn’t have to do things that I didn’t any faith in. Absence of rebellion is submission. I stopped submitting to things that didn’t make sense to me anymore. I was happier.
If somebody hadn’t rebelled would the world be like this today? Only because someone rebelled to being a slave, freedom was given. Only because someone rebelled to walk, the wheel was invented.
If I hadn’t been a rebel, I would n’t be here now, doing what I’m doing. I would still be working in IT from 9 to 9, leaving my child at a day care. Not a free person, able to do anything I wish. If Hubby hadn’t been a rebel, he would happily working 9 to 9 and aiming to do the same until 60 years of age.
Our families still don’t believe that we are working to retire before hubby is 35 years old. Oh well, that’s rebellion, but we are building our family’s future, an empire, rather than living from pay check to pay check, which we would have been doing had we submitted to the old values.
Why yes, rebellion is good.
Do I submit?
Yes, I do submit to a faith that keeps my spirit up. Yes, I do submit to a mentorship that has proven to work. And yes, I do submit to my family’s emotional and moral requirements.
But rebellion is good.

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