November 11, 2008 Sugirdha 0Comment

Well, then. What exactly had kept me busy all week, and the previous week and the one before that?

I have been caught in an organising spree. I bought loooooots of storage boxes and am planning to buy loooooooooooots more. I am into organising EVERYTHING in the house, which we will most probably change in a couple of months. Not that we don’t like this house. We like it so much, and it is everything that I would want in my own house. But for the huge amount of pests that live here with us. Huh? Of course hubby and I were fine so far and haven’t thought of changing this house until the baby was born.

Now that the baby is growing up fast, and would be on his fours soon, we do not want to give him a chance to eat some of the pests that would run here and there at times.

I have been so caught in between all the caring for the baby and organising the house and doing our business that I had too less time even to write a 6 months update for the baby. Will try to bring it up soon.

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