June 23, 2009 Sugirdha 2Comment

I have been away from my blog for a while and thought some explanation might be needed. Following my mom’s arrival 2 weeks back, I spend shorter and shorter time on the internet. This is to be continued for the next one week. But why, you ask. No, I don’t sit and eat bonbons and watch operas with my mom full time. I had quarrels with my mom within the first few days of her arrival.

My mom thought I am a bad housewife just because I spend too much time creating my own blog and reading about what movie other people watched and when their children pooped. No, I don’t like that point. I’m not a bad housewife because I spend too much time on blogs. So I went out of the way and took a break from blogging and stopped doing whatever she didn’t like to prove that I’m a bad housewife even without blogs. Whatever!!!

2 thoughts on “Where am I?

  1. LO…Now, that’s fun isn’t it? proving that you are what you are even without blogs :-P…Good luck on getting that point thru to your mom ;-)… (just kidding)

  2. MOMs are like that.
    My dh thinks I am insane for wasting so much time on reading blogs. He says why you care what other people are doing in their lives. People just dont get it.

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